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A Little About Me

Hi everyone! My name's Avalon; I’m a 16-year-old traveling teen who loves reading and... that's it! Basically all I do is read and travel (kidding). I’ve visited 60 countries in my life and I read around 50 books per year, but I also love singing, playing with animals and making things. A couple years back, I was feeling totally bummed out about the fact that my parents and brother don't like to read as much as I do, so I decided to create a book club for teens and tweens around the world! No matter where or who you are, as long as you love to read you will definitely have a great time here. Check out my book clubs at their new location: thenovelers.com

A Little About My Tutoring

My tutoring is not your average after school torture. Since I speak three languages and am working on a third, I can say I am pretty much the expert when it comes to learning to speak a different language. I teach both English and French and depending on where you want to start we can either begin at the absolute beginning or pick up from wherever you are! I also provide homework help for kids learning the language in school who want just a bit of extra help! But don't worry, it's not all homework and boring stuff! When it comes to the languages, there are two options for you to choose from, we can either focus on schoolwork or play games and do a bunch of fun activities to learn and have fun at the exact same time.

Besides the languages, I also tutor in Math, which ever since algebra, has been my favorite subject in school! You can check out more information about the tutoring thanks to the links below!

Book Club

My Book Club is for teens who love reading and chatting with others about the books. Over eight weeks, we will read three books, do a bunch of crafts and have tons of really cool conversations. You can check out some of the upcoming book clubs on the page I have liked to below.

Book Club Jr

My Book Club Jr is for tweens from 9 to 11 who love books. We will read two cool novels over two months and make a book craft every week! We'll also have in depth discussions about the themes of the books and have tons of fun! You can check out all the upcoming Book Club Jrs using the link below!


My tutoring is not your average after school torture. There are two options for you to choose from: we can just have conversation  and do cool activities together (if you are aiming at learning a language) or we can focus on schoolwork. It's up to you!

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