Cinder 2020 Reread

2020 Re-read
My TBR is finally small enough! And I’m going to finish this series now! Seriously, I have Scarlett on hold at my library as we speak and it is the next book I’m going to read! I’m not even going to pick up a book while I wait for it to be available. Honestly, I don’t know even why it took me so long to decide to finish this series. It’s a decent series and I’ve been told the next book are even better than Cinder. Maybe I’m finishing it now because I’m really in the mood to finish a series, it feels like it’s been a while since I’ve binged an entire book series, one right after another. (even though I just finished the Illuminae Files not 7 days ago)
Anyway, thoughts… This reread was nice. I still think the doctor guy was mega creepy and I was once again super sad when Peony died. I’m not sure if I mentioned this in my last review but the ending scene in this book was so amazing. I probably did mention the actually, the scene is not something you forget easily XD.

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