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Q: Do siblings have to pay separately for the Book Clubs or can they be included with the same $25?

A: If your children are sharing the same device, it is $25 for the first and for each child after that it is $10. The reason for sharing a device is because we keep the book clubs limited to six spots so that everyone has fun and does not get left out. However we only allow a maximum of two pairs of siblings sharing a screen. If they were to use different devices, the family discount is $15 for the each child after the first.

Q: Why are there age ranges on the book clubs and what are they based on?

A: The ages for the book club are based on the subject matter being discussed and and the overall age range of the participants in the group. The age ranges that are currently in place (12-16 and 9-11) allows for enough diversity in age and similarity in interests so that everyone learns from being exposed to each other without being overly cautious about saying something inappropriate to someone much younger than them.

Q: Are there any exceptions for the age ranges?

A: There are no exceptions for the age ranges. However, I have both a younger kids book club and one for older kids, so it is more likely than not your child will be able to participate in one. For any other concerns regarding the exceptions to the age range please contact me.

Q: What platform do you use for your book club?

A: I use a platform called Zoom, it is very much like Skype however it is free and can be accessed by anyone who takes my club; thru a link. If you would like more information here is the link to their website:

Q: What platform do you use for your tutoring?

A: For my tutoring, I use Skype.

Q: Do you use any other platform for the participants of your book club, like a Facebook group?

A: Yes I do, we have a Goodreads group for each month where you can chat with the other participants, find the materials for each week and answer polls. When you sign up, you will need a Goodreads account (it's free) then I can invite you to the group.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: If you cancel a private tutoring session 24 hours in advance you get a full refund; if you cancel on the day of your lesson you  get a 50% refund up until 2 hours before class and if you do not show up for your lesson you will not receive a refund.

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