Geekerella 2020 Reread

Geekerella by Ashley Poston

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**4.5 Stars
2020 Reread:
So nice to reread this book! It was just as adorable as I remembered. I really liked how this time I understood all the Star Trek references. I think my opinion on Darien hasn’t changed; he is still my favorite character in the novel. However, I think I understand Elle a bit more than I did during the read. The moments where she allowed her step-family to step all over her (no pun intended) really made me mad and kind of lose respect for her, but I definitely understand her a bit more. Overall though, I had a super fun time reading this!

2019 Read:
**Spoilers Below**
Sooo….. I was terribly wrong with my prediction that Darien’s bodyguard was the one leaking the footage… but other than that mishap I really liked this book! It was interesting and super adorable, and I if I had to compare it to another novel I would say that it was similar to Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl, but much more interesting and funny.
I really liked Elle even though there were multiple moments where she just allowed her step-family to walk all over her and destroy her stuff, whereas if I was her I would have been calling the cops. I also totally relate to all her fangirling and crazy obsession with a particular fandom, especially how she thought that Darien wouldn’t be good enough for the reboot of the TV series. I remember when my favorite book was being made into a movie and just from the trailer I could tell it wasn’t going to be good. And I could rant about that all day, but this is a book review not an Avalon-spills-her-guts-about-how-bad-a-book-to-movie-adaptation-was. Darien was also really cute. Since the book was told from two perspectives, there were times when I was a little annoyed with Elle because she was judging Darien before she was actually able to get to know the guy, but I get it. I also found it super adorable when they were texting back and forth but Elle was writing scathing pieces about him on her blog at the exact time. Those two are really adorable together and the way that Elle liked standing up for herself and not always being saved by the dashing prince was very progressive and different from the original story; I liked that.
I also really liked Sage, and the fact that she and Cal get together at the end of the novel was adorable and super ironic! Speaking of side characters, Chloe was infuriating. One thing I love to hate in novels is when a character knows another character is lying or impersonating someone but can’t say anything because they aren’t supposed to know said thing. It makes me super annoyed but I love it anyway. Also! Gail was super cute! I think she is one of my favorite side characters.
The plot of this book was pretty good; it kept me engaged, but didn’t wow me, which is why this book has a 4.5 rating instead of a 5. For a little while I thought they were going to forgo the ‘Cinderella drops her shoe’ part, which I was excited about, but in the end they didn’t. Lately, I have been reading a TON of fairy tale retellings (Cinder and Ella Enchanted, to name a few) but they all seemed to keep the shoe part. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Speaking of those fairy tale retellings, this novel is actually one of the best ones I’ve read. More than I’d expected were just boring or stuck to the original tale so much it made me lose interest, but this one was different. I liked how it kept all the key points of the tale, but ran wild with everything else.
Lastly, I really like how this book gives an inside look on how it really is for celebrities. It shows that not everything is as great as it seems, even for people with seemingly perfect lives. Life always has a way of getting in the way no matter who you are :).
Overall, I really liked this book, but it was just below the marker to be one of my favorites.

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