Harry Potter: The Prequel Review

Harry Potter: The Prequel by J.K. Rowling

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Man do I hate J.K. Rowling. Not only is she a homophobe but she writes books that are so good you can’t help but love them even though you hate the person who wrote them and she also likes to torture her readers by giving them false hope a prequel is actually coming. When I saw this book on Goodreads my brain basically went into overload where if you could hear what was going on inside, it would sound somewhat like a group of overexcited squirrels trying to start a rock bank. Basically mass chaos. I thought that this was something new like the Hunger Games prequel that I was one of the first to discover. It’s cover even looks like an early version of a book that is going to be released soon. But, it turns out no… This ‘book’ only an 800 word story that our friend J.K. published as a part of a contest and I somehow hadn’t sniffed out yet. That doesn’t mean I didn’t like this story even though it’s writer was terrible and I wanted more.
Spoilers Below
I warn you that my review will probably be longer than the story (only somewhat kidding). I really liked seeing from the police officer’s point of view and I understand why She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (the author) decided to do that. I feel that the story would have been way to complicated and never would have been under 800 words if it was told from James of Sirius’s perspectives. That being said I would have adored the story even more if it was from one of their points of view.
This story was really too short for me. If you check the time between when I marked it as currently-reading and read, they are probably 5 minutes apart. Hold on, I’ve just gone to check, and it seems Goodreads didn’t even register when I started currently reading it and when I finished it as separate times because they were so close together.
Honestly, I want more of the story. There were so many unanswered questions and possibilities for another novel that I totally think it should be expanded upon. We had a sequel novel so why not a prequel. My questions and predictions are… Who were the people they slammed into the car? I assume they are death eaters? Why was James acting so irresponsible only three years away from Harry’s birth? Maybe he was in the middle of a high stakes situation? If so I need to know more! Also, why didn’t James and Sirius obliviate the two police officers? Honestly, I liked this short story but it just made me nostalgic for when I was first reading the Harry Potter books.
(Ok, so maybe not 800 words but 450 is not too shabby when you realize the book is only double this long…)

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