Heart of Iron Review

Heart of Iron by Ashley Poston

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3.5 Stars
Nice! I liked the story; it was engaging, but I didn’t have the best time reading it because I just wasn’t in the mood for a space book. There’s a series I’ve been dying to finish, whose finale came out already a few weeks ago, so I was rushing this book to get to the series. That really made the experience, (at least when I was starting out) less than pleasant. Some things I did like though, were, Ana’s character, although I literally predicted her real identity the moment the (spoilers) lost princess was mentioned. I also liked Jax as a character even if he is a pretty stereotypical ‘confident’ guy and a tiny bit of the story I really liked was Siege’s hair. It was just such a cool touch to have it laced with multicolored lights! I really didn’t like Di though. Robots do not have emotions no matter what robot their conscience is currently occupying and I also don’t understand how you can take (spoilers) a human plague victim and put his conscience in a machine. I don’t know robots with feelings and emotions are just my pet peeve in literature. Otherwise, I liked the book. I should have read it at a different time and that might have improved how I rated it.

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