Hocus Pocus and The All New Sequel Review

Hocus Pocus & The All New Sequel by A.W. Jantha

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This book almost ruined Hocus Pocus for me! I literally had to rewatch the movie again right after reading to clear my head. It wasn’t terrible; it was just bad. It felt like the author had never written a book before. This story belongs more in the realm of fanfic than actual books. There was way too much description and honestly this book just made me mad.
Spoilers Below
Hocus Pocus is my favorite Halloween movie and one of my favorite movies of all time. The humor is great. The witches are great. And although Max can be corny, he is still the best. Dani is adorable and Allison… can be weird but otherwise great. This is basically the most perfect halloween movie ever!
But the book wasn’t. The first part where the author was retelling the original story felt too forced. You could tell it was written from a movie. There was not room left for the readers to fill in the blanks in the story. Everything was overly described, which made the story feel unapproachable and blocky. I guess turning a movie into a book is just as hard as tuning a book into a movie. That was probably my biggest beef with the first half.
The second half was ok, it felt just as forced though. I liked the characters and I can tell the author made a good attempt for them to be very diverse. Poppy and Isabella were cool, but on occasion I just got annoyed with them and I can’t really tell why yet. The Sanderson’s were cool as well, but I feel like this sequel was too over the top. If there had been a different author, I might have liked it more, but I honestly couldn’t get past the writing style. This is one of those stories that doesn’t need anymore and I didn’t like how this sequel ended with another cliffhanger.
Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who loved the movie. It’s not as good and not worth it.

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