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Obsidio by Amie Kaufman

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Honestly, I don’t know what do say. I finished this novel over a week ago, but I loved it so much that I didn’t even want to write this review because it feels like the ending of an era. This series has seriously changed my life. It taught me that I really do like thrillery novels and it introduced me to such a strong, amazing, group of character that I really do wish were real. I’m almost depressed now that I know the story is over.
Spoilers Below
I’m trying not to think about that though, and focus instead on all the amazing stories I read. About girls who might seem spoiled but will prove you wrong. About amazing people sacrificing themselves for their loved ones and being truly brave in the face of fear. I’m really trying not to be super sappy, but I can’t help it :’).
In this review I’m going to focus on each of the characters and give my thoughts on the trials and storylines they took part in because this series really was like a bracelet, which a bunch of threads (characters) coming together and weaving something amazing.
First Kady because she will always have a special place in my heart. Although she didn’t do as much hands on in this novel. I really loved the scene where she was forced to shut AIDAN down, because even though they both would deny it, I do think that those two have a special bond born from both love and hatred. I also loved the moment where she was ready to sacrifice the MAO and everyone on it (including herself) to stop the Magellan (I think, it might have been one of the other bad ships). I love seeing strong female characters in novels, but this one blew all the other out of the water. Step aside Katniss, Tris and literally anyone else.
Next is Ezra, who other than helping with the space battle, didn’t do too much. I say that as if helping with a space battle is a small feat ;D. I actually can’t remember if he made any other sizable contributions during the novel, although he did try to train those adults. It was hilarious how that earned him the new nickname of Babyface from Nic.
I have actually decided that Nic is chief nicknamer for the entire group. He is great at that. Another thing he is great at, is constantly wearing a parachute in space and mysteriously finding a use for it in the last few chapters… 😀 Personally, I knew that he and Ezra didn’t die because I mentally could not picture a fictional world where they did not exist, so I decided not to and thus the reveal wasn’t that much for me. Plus I’ve kind of noticed a pattern in this series where the romantic male love interest goes missing about 75% of the way thru the book then reappears at the end, so I was counting on that fact to save Nic and Ezra. One last note on Nic though, was how hilarious it was when he went and beat up all the adults who were making fun of Ezra. They would be a great bromance if they could only go a few minutes without Nic making a wisecrack and Ezra taking it seriously XD.
Next is Hanna, who I think was definitely the most badass character I this novel. First, the fact that she shot herself into spaceship was amazing. Then, she took the entire thing over with only a crew of like 10 people??? Pure wow. I think my favorite part of the spaceship takeover, was like everyone else the server room battle. I love the addition of how the air didn’t rush out of the server room when they opened the airlock and I actually didn’t know that was how it would scientifically work. What can I say, I’m bad at chemistry. Or in this case would it be physics? Either way I didn’t know that was actually how it works.
Asha was super amazing in this novel and the reveal that she was still alive was perfect, since we have been told she was dead since the first book. I really liked hearing about the Kerenza rebellion thru her and the way she was keeping that little girl safe was so perfect. It definitely helped develop her character a lot. I also thought the scene at the end where she and her love interest (whose name escapes me; like I said I finished reading 10 days ago) were running around the entire town trying to find Katya, but having no luck. The way those scenes were written/designed into the book was amazing.
And lastly, the love interest whose name escapes me. Wait, I’m going to go look it up because calling him “the love interest whose name escapes me” is going to get repetitive eventually. Rhys! That’s his name. So, I liked how Rhys exposed a bit of what it was like working for Bi-tech and how not everyone actually wanted to be killing civilians. I think my favorite character in his circles was The Duke. When I was little I went thru a spell of talking about myself in third person, because I thought I was very funny, so he was kind of nostalgic for me. Did anyone else do that as a child or was it just me?
One last thing I have to mention before I move on from characters, was Kady and her dad’s relationship. It was just perfect. I’m so happy after having lost so many people in her life she got him back. It was also super nice of her to let Ella into her family in a way.
Now, on the topic of the grand finale overall, I have to say it was epic. It was perfect. I was an amazing conclusion and it stood up to all the previous books’. The way there were three+ story lines going on at once really made the book super face paced and I had a very hard time putting it down each night.
My only critique with this novel and technically this entire series was the kind of irritating reveals. In almost every book a character would be dead, then not dead, then almost die again. This happened with Ella, Ezra, Nic, and so many others that by the end of the series I was getting annoyed. The straw that broke the camels back was definitely when Katya almost died and I felt like the book was just trying to pull at reader’s heartstrings. But that was my only complaint and to be honest it is a pretty small one.
Now that the book is over though, I want to know what happens next! We had that ending scene where Nic took everyone out for drinks, but after that what? Do they go to college? Do Kady and Ezra stay together? What about Hanna and Nic? I hate to go all The Fault In Our Stars here, but what happened to Ella’s pet fish??? I really want more from this series and although it doesn’t seem like there is much more for the story to talk about, I would still read any book that comes out.
There is one hope though. A little while back, a very naive Avalon, saw a preorder perk for Aurora Rising. It was a novella called Memento (part of the illuminae files series), but at the time, I hadn’t read the series yet, so didn’t know what an opportunity I was missing. I’m going to see if I can somehow get a copy of Memento from either the authors or somewhere else because I have to read more of this story. (and yes I know that Memento is a prequel, but I don’t care if it happened before, after or during the series. Heck, I wouldn’t mind if it was a compilation of AIDAN’s everyday thoughts. Those would actually be very interesting to read I think…)
Anyway, I am sad to say it has come to an end, but you can be sure I will be rereading this series from time to time. It is officially my favorite book series of all time, toping Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and yes, The Hunger Games. I recommend this series to everyone, even if you hate sci-fi, even if you hate space. Even if you hate books altogether, I recommend this series.

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