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Pumpkinheads by Rainbow Rowell

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To start off my Halloween extravaganza, I have a cute graphic novel that has been on my list for a while now. Pumpkinheads! I decided to start off with a not so scary book, just to get me in the mood for fall and this was it. Just reading this novel made me smell the fall leaves and pumpkins! Fall is my favorite season and this was the perfect book to kick off the season. Bring on the oversized sweaters and mugs of tea!!!
Spoilers Below
OMG! The food in this book looked so good, I wanted to eat the pages!!! I’ve decided those pumpkin bomb things are the best sweet in existence. You never know, I might end up making some if I ever get the chance. The caramel apples AND the fudge AND the popcorn and all of the rest of the amazing fall food made me sooooooooooooo hungry! I really need to find myself a caramel apple, it has been too long :P. The only thing I didn’t understand was what in the world succotash is. I’ve looked it up, but it doesn’t really seem like something you would find at a pumpkin patch.
Concerning the patch itself, it really is the best pumpkin patch I have ever encountered. It just had so much to do! Pony rides, a corn maze, a s’mores pit. That patch has a S’MORES PIT!!! I NEED TO GET TO OMAHA NEBRASKA RIGHT NOW!!! IT’S PUMPKIN SEASON! Looking back at the map of the patch at the beginning of the book (an addition I loved by the way), there are so many things I didn’t notice at first that I wish had shown up in the story. There’s a pumpkin cannonball target range AND a pumpkin drop station. This patch has everything!!!
Anyway, another little tidbit of the book I loved was Buck the goat. When he was first mentioned, I thought he was just a bit of playful banter and wasn’t actually going to show up in the book. Boy, was I wrong! I adored seeing him just behind the two main characters every once in a while and at the end where he actually went after that boy who kept stealing Deja’s food! That was pure gold!
I also think the ending was really sweet. Although I saw it coming a long way away, it was still very cute. I was happy seeing Deja and Josiah get together even if Josiah needed to be kind of let down by his long time crush to see who the girl who really cared about him was. I also think the idea of seasonal friends was really cute! I would love to work at a pumpkin patch for a fall job!
My only complaint about the book was that it was too short. I finished it in less than 40 minutes. I just needed a tiny bit more story. Maybe more adventures around the patch. I would have loved to see Deja and Josiah dodging pumpkins at the pumpkin cannonball station. Or maybe more food… actually definitely more food, I definitely would have loved to see more of the pumpkin patch food.
So far, I’ve read two of Rainbow Rowell’s books and liked one but not the other. I’ve always thought of her as an author who tackles pretty big subjects in her books, but now I see she’s really good at the lighthearted stories as well.
Finally, now that I have officially started my Halloween Reading Marathon, I can say I feel it’s begun with a bang. I thought this book was super cute and although it didn’t really give me all the feels, I liked it a lot anyway. Mostly because of the food… The food looked really good… 😀 Anyway, I would totally recommend this book to anyone who wants a cute fall/Halloween book that’s not scary.

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