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Starsight by Brandon Sanderson

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Honestly, I’m a bit disappointed. While the ending of this novel was magnificent, the middle was a bit slow and it took me a while to read because of that. Maybe, I’m just not into spy books as much if the main character isn’t constantly close to being discovered. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Spoilers Below
I could kind of tell where the story was going at the beginning of the book and I had a feeling Spensa would be leaving her friends behind and go find a new flight at some point. I was really sad about that because one of the things I was looking forward to in this sequel was seeing more of the gang. Especially Jorgen, after he and Spensa had their little moment! Honestly, they are so cute together!
On the new flight, I did really enjoy hearing about the Kitsens (keep in mind that I listened to the audiobook, so if my spelling is very off on some character’s names, it’s not my fault). Hesho was hilarious and I’m not absolutely sure that I believe he really died yet. Mortimer was super cool and adorable. I loved their personality and really applaud the author for including characters who are not just of the generic male and female genders. The only person in the group who I really didn’t like was Vapor. I agree with Spensa that having someone constantly around that you can’t see (especially when you are a spy) is very annoying. Braid was a bit of a mixed bag for me. By the end, I was super mad at her, like everyone else, but throughout the book, I felt just as bad for her as Spensa did.
On the topic of the plot itself, it was somewhat engaging. I was a bit surprised about the direction it went in, but overall, it was a nice book to read. There was definitely a lot more world building in this novel and the way Sanderson pulled it all off was magnificent to say the least. There were multiple instances throughout the book, where I had moments of awe about how well the entire thing was executed.
M-Bot! Before, I get to the big M-Bot moment, I want to discuss his actions throughout the entire book. I have to say I actually think M-Bot was funnier in this book compared to Skyward. The way, at the beginning of the novel, where he would say things like “exasperated sigh of relief” instead of actually sighing, was hilarious! And I wish the author would have kept that up throughout the book. I also really liked his exploration of whether and how a being is alive.
But, all good things must come to an end. Honestly, I cannot believe Spensa left M-Bot on Starsight. Even worse! I cannot believe the ship he inhabited was destroyed. I was so sure M-Bot was dead when Spensa found his AI destroyed. The relief, but also disappointment that I felt when we realized he was still alive, but stuck in the cleaning droid was terrible. It was similar to someone who had been in a car accident, and survived, but only with a major handicap they would have to live with for their entire life. That is unless, Spensa makes it back to Detritus.
Speaking of making it back, MR. SANDERSON HOW COULD YOU LEAVE US ON SUCH A CLIFFHANGER!!! It’s treason to your reading community! I’m only halfway kidding, because it’s not one of the worse spoilers I’ve ever encountered, but it is definitely a monumental one. Did you really have to end the book just as Spensa jumped into a dark dimension to try to get home? You couldn’t have added a few extra pages, to explain whether she made it or not? I’m just annoyed, because the next one isn’t coming out for A WHILE! There isn’t even a release date, title or cover for book 3 yet.
Overall this book was bit slow, but the amazing ending made it all worth it. I can’t wait for the next one, which is scheduled to come out in 2021 but the author did say “you’ll have a larger-than-usual wait between Books Two and Three, unless something happens to let me squeeze Book Three in early”. Take note of the “Unless something happens” part. Something like a virus taking over the world forcing us all to stay inside and have nothing to do other than write maybe? 😉

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