The Fairy Tale Detectives 2020 Reread

The Fairy-Tale Detectives by Michael Buckley

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

2019 Reread
I can’t believe this book is so much shorter than I remembered. Its only 244 pages??? This thing only took me a night and morning to read, but when I read it when I was little, it took me a lot longer. This was one of my favorites around the same time that I read The Land of Stories. It seems I was really into fairytale retellings around that time.
In respects to the story, it was a lot shorter than I would have wanted. The characters were ok but I liked how much the Grimm Sisters were super strong and didn’t care what Puck or Jack thought they should do. Overall, it was nice to re-read, but I’ve outgrown this series.

2020 Reread:
It’s nice to revisit books I read when I was younger, especially with other people reading them for the first time. This reread, I actually got my hands on the anniversary edition of The Sisters Grimm and I loved all the extra stuff at the end. The author mentioned that she changed some things, but doubted anyone would notice them in the story, but after that I was very determined to find out whatever it was. My bet is on Mr. Canis, somewhat I remember him being the Big Bad Wolf as being announced earlier in the book than it was this time.

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