The Okay Witch Review

The Okay Witch by Emma Steinkellner

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

FIVE STAR GRAPHIC NOVEL! I really loved this book! The main character was hilarious and so was her mom. The book had a lot of big themes that have been previously discussed in media such as Star Wars (9) and SuperNova (By Marissa Meyer), but the author was able to explore them very in depth in a form of novel that is usually overlooked (at least in my experience) as trivial or not super deep. This was a super adorable, quirky and cute book and still had room for some depth. I read it in black in white (curse the black and white only kindle screen 😉 !) but the drawings were still super cute. I really liked the author’s drawing style. On my kindle, I have a folder full of cutesy graphic novels and I’m thinking about buying this one and putting it there for whenever was I need a reread! Overall, I recommend this for everyone wanting a cute Halloween graphic novel (I was supposed to read this during the Halloween season, but it took too long to come thru at my library it was already past Christmas once I was finally able to pick it up) and I also recommend it to anyone who just finished a long, maybe dark novel and needs a little cutesy adorable book to pick them back up!

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